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7 Common Diet Mistakes That Make You Fat

7 Common Diet Mistakes That Make You FatAs any dieter knows, there is a lot of information floating around about diet and exercise – not all of it good.The worst part is that some of what you read can actually sabotage your weight-loss and make you fatter!Let’s separeit fact from fiction and look at seven […]

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What Are the Biggest Reasons Diets Fail?

The average American dieter makes 4-6 dieting attempts per year. Clearly that means the first…and second…and third attempt weren’t successful. It’s a vicious circle of demotivation that leaves many feeling like they cannot succeed without superhuman tenacity.

Maybe you are ready to throw in the (oversized) towel on dieting for good.

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The 5 Commandments Of Smart Dieting

To see the best results from any diet plan, you’ve got to know the “Diet Commandments”. These guidelines are essential for superior results. They will take you to the Promised Land, flowing with good health and energy.

Sadly, many dieters miss out on one or more of these rules, and it costs them their success.

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